A weekend with the lads

No girls allowed!

Not quite a piss-up in Marbella but our lads weekend was just as crazy.

On Saturday we went to a track party, built sandcastles, and jumped in puddles. We ate sausage rolls and dunk ’ems, and a little person got covered in chocolate — got it in his hair, on his sleeves, and in his belly. We saw a t-rex but weren’t that interested — as other kids screamed Myles just looked up and then returned to Thomas the Tank Engine. Priorities, people.

IMG_6620.JPGWe traipsed through the woods (where the puddles were) and we got covered in mud, we found some Scarlet Elf Cups but the elves weren’t drinking out of them; and then we ended up in this adventure playground with climbing things and swings, and we got climbing and swinging! Very fun.

Sunday, well it was just a food disaster day — everything I tried to make was shockingly bad. Stew and dumplings, and pancakes — not exactly rocket science. I quartered the recipe for the dumplings for some ingredients, halved it for others, and just generally fucked it up. The pancakes, I don’t know — I blame the pan. I can’t even fry an egg in this pan. This pan is stupid.

Tomos James