A weekend of reaction

March 1st saw this man I know walk out on my mother — he packed his bag, took 1 dog (the other will “get over it”), said some things, and left. He’s been back a couple of times to collect more things, to say more things, and to leave again — this “step-father” is a revolving door. You coming or going, son? He hasn’t decided if his leaving is going to be permanent, he’s confessed. I’ve told my mother to make the decision for him.

So this weekend has been reaction to this.

I suppose I should thank Jeff for giving me this opportunity to test my new found strengths. After that bullshit with the Co-op, and after all this time trying to navigate my path, and since I now work with nice people, I might never have had the opportunity to test run this brand new spirit. So thanks Jeff. Thank you for your years of hard-done-by innocence that you conclude a prick. Just like the dog, we’ll get over it.

On a much brighter note, since the good needs my attention also — Sunday saw an afternoon with the dude. We had a cuppa together (Myles made them) and we had a roast (Daddy cooked it), we played cars, and watched a movie. Wednesday will see a boys night in (mum and dad are heading to the cinema). We’re going to be hardcore party animals until its past bedtime, at a little after 7pm, when we’ll read It’s the bear! and Wake up do Lydia-lou! — real classics. I look forward to it.

Tomos James