I hate anger.

Anger actually gets me angry, which isn’t particularly helpful.

I don’t achieve anything when I’m angry, can’t achieve because I’m too busy looking sullen and being sarcastic — also, I flap when I’m angry. I flap when I’m flustered, but when I’m angry I’m flapping and marching back and forth, and ranting, and cussing, red faced and obviously annoyed. My best mate Shaun says that my lower lip droops, too, and this always annoys me more.

As I get angrier because I’m angry I try and quell my rage, try and flip it to a laugh, especially when I’m around people. Often, no success. I end up evermore angry, getting angrier still, because something got done that pissed me off.

It’s good for burning calories though, storming back and forth — at least anger has one positive — other than that, anger can fuck off.


Tomos James