I needed all 9 cupcakes

Earlier today I bought these little cupcakes from Waitrose — 5 chocolate sponge with vanilla cream on top, 4 plain sponge with chocolate cream on top (I fancied a treat) — and I got home, opened the packet, had a plain one, and thought it devilishly nice. Too nice, in fact. I feared I might find it hard to not eat all 9 in one sitting.

To save myself, and since I was next heading to see Shaun, Hannah, and Myles, I decided to take some with me. I put 4 in a tupperware box and thought myself ever so good.

Now, after I’ve eaten the 4 I had left, I just need 1 or 3 more of those little cupcakes and then I’d be satisfied. I suppose the scales will be grateful but, boy they’re nice…

(I just read their caption ‘tiny & tempting’ — bang on, that)

Tomos James