A weekend at the park

Saturday was spent climbing around this adventure play zone at the back of the Clarence pier pub / restaurant. I met up with Jackie and Claire for lunch and Claire’s little Ethan was persuasive in this idea of ‘fun’. It wasn’t too bad. I fit through all the tunnels and I could climb through its nooks and crannies, and I quite enjoyed the slide. I hear there’s a place like this for adults. More investigation is needed.

Sunday was spent down the local park with the dude. Shaun and Hannah needed an afternoon free of the child so Myles and I had an adventure. We donned our wellies and splashed in puddles — we saw a motorbike, a bus, and said hello to our reflections. We weaved through bollards and stood in mud, but once we got to the park Myles turned plain bossy, much like his father. I had to go on the slides and climb over all the things, after him, and I had to go ‘weeeee’ or else get told off. We went on that teeter thing that looks like a horse but I wouldn’t fit in the swing next to his (it was one of those harness ones for tots). After about 40 minutes we chased a painted line on the floor, pointed at a goat, and decided to invite ourselves around Nanny’s for hot chocolate and biscuits. We had our fill, left, repeated everything we did to get there, made a man jump after he overheard us pointing out that his car was blue, and eventually rocked up two hours later with flushed cheeks and a story to tell.

Good little weekend — I quite like the park.

Tomos James