Return to work, a difference

When once I would’ve returned from leave to a sour face and an investigation, today I returned to a thank you card from management and a gift voucher. When once I could’ve inlaid my handovers with diamonds (and still had them ignored), today I got thanked for the work I’ve been putting into managing the post.

Needless to say, these employers are different.

Furthermore, there is something to note in the dread I felt last night with work looming after an escape from reality — I didn’t feel any; none. I just got my bag together, got my clothes ready, and carried on with my evening. And then this morning, with that horrid sound screaming at me to wake up, I woke and didn’t feel foreboding. I was my usual ‘running behind schedule’ but on time (just), and I was very thought-free whilst flicking through the Metro.

After receiving my thank you card I did say that I needn’t be thanked for doing my job — I happily manage the post and happily strut up to the Secretaries or wherever feeling important, so there’s no need to thank me for being happy. Now I’ve had time to think on Portsmouth Water’s gesture I still would’ve said the same but I’m struck by just how different they are to the Co-op. They’re like chalk and cheese, like water and corpses, they really are — it’s hard for me to describe without me thinking I sound insincere. I don’t dread the thought of work, the days don’t dra-ag out, the weekends still fly by but they’re not supersonic, and I’m surrounded by nice people.

Usually one to stumble, I think I’ve landed on my feet.

Tomos James