Waste water tonight

I have been asked to limit my waste water this evening. The roots of the tree outside has deformed our service pipe to the sewer, making it nigh on impassible, and couple this with a recent fat-berg issue in this very same area and tonights rainfall, my landlords basement flat is a little damp around its scummed edges.

With all this in mind, I’ve spent most of my evening forgetting that I am to be mindful of my waste water. Drowning landlord. It’s amazing how many times you go to the toilet, do the washing up, and I now have a full bath that’s going cold because I ran it and then remembered I was asked to restrict any wash to a swift shower. I had my bath, it seemed a shame to waste it, but I should really wait until I’m told things are back to normal before I empty it, shouldn’t I?

Postive, though: I didn’t have a hand to play in the fat-berg. I decant all that stuff and put it in the bin. The only part I could play is this mornings number 2 that’s probably been knocking on their front door, and of course this evenings constant wash.

I hope this sewer issue gets resolved soon.

Tomos James