Something has been happening here

Something has been happening here
Something has gone down
Exactly what, though, isn’t crystal clear
But the fallout is profound.
There’s a swirl, a whiff of burnt things
Of soiled things long decayed
All the sweetness in all the nice things
Now overpowered and I feel betrayed.
The lights blaze bright but shouldn’t
They are smashed so shouldn’t shine
Yet their shards cloud up a cerement
To swaddle, imprison, confine.
And amongst things I don’t recognise
And things not where once put
There are scrawls on the walls that criticise
This firmness underfoot.
And my books are shredded paper
And my photos are ripped in two
These memories are reduced to vapour
Too easy to misconstrue.

So yes, something has been happening here
Exactly what I cannot say
I just know that all I’ve held dear
Is either broken or looks okay.

Tomos James