Happy New Year!

2017 is heading our way! As I type fireworks are going off and scores of people are making merry, celebrating, and just eagerly anticipating the year ahead. What will it bring? What will be done? What will I find? I’ll soon know! I can’t wait! I love New Year 🍾 — bit of bubbly, bit of boogie, and I’m well away.

Looking back, 2016 would’ve been easier had I known then what I know now, but that’s obvious to say. I suppose I wouldn’t know now what I know now had it not been for then, that’s more like it. I’ve sort of enjoyed the whole journey, its ups and downs and utter loss, which is perverse.

I don’t know, a little self-discovery does wonders.

Next year, now this year time needs to slow and I need control. The control is discipline but times’ insatiable appetite for our minutes means it races like it’s got the runs (scoffing hours plays havoc with its bowels) so it can only be stopped if it’s tripped, and time on the floor is no use at all. So to slow it I’m going to fatten it up with moments that mean something. Time will be free to do its business and I’m not out of breath sprinting to catch up. Sorted.


Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do 😉

Tomos James