It’s Christmas!!!

This Christmas there is an air that’s lacked in previous years — the rush of death on its lead up I am not a part — and it is freeing. Not being in a funeral home, not being deceived by bullies, not staying in stoicism, is liberating. I am in a Christmassy mood for the first time in years, and I like it.

Amongst the world and its events, amongst the uncertainty and fear brewed, there is joy and beauty and love. They can be seen in the little things done, in the snips of kindness caught, and they are effortless for us to bestow. It is easy to forget and get caught up in life, but giving a precious moment to someone will always be worth the time.

As we sit at our tables and tuck into our feasts there will be empty seats, and in these seats will sit lost ones, our loved ones we miss, and we’ll spare them a thought and toast their name. They’ll be with us. They would want to be with us and that’s the next best thing.

Have a lovely Christmas, have a joyous time, and hold dear the love in your hearts!

Tomos James

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