Yay me, debt free! + other news

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Once upon a time there were credit men who handed money around with abandon — Tomos, 21, loved abandon (the more wanton the better), and he indulged himself good. All to be told, £7k needed to be repaid and in 2010 I tasked Abacus to handle the nuisance people, the pesky callers and vile letter senders, and we got along great. I was getting punished, they were getting paid: sorted.

Since then, I’ve learnt my lessons — if I can’t afford then I don’t have; if I want then I save; bills, savings, and spending money all need separate accounts, maths, and basic administration.

A couple of years ago I was spurred to save to clear my debts quicker when Abacus sold me to Harrington Brooks and I discovered they left voicemails of their heavy breathing, the first I found both titillating and disturbing (perverts). I whittled the balance down and June was my last £162 monthly punishment payment — I’d saved £2k — and it took me until Friday just gone to settle with all the buggers, one wanted to play silly fuckers, and now that I’m debt free I can honestly say, HOORAY!

It feels great!

Other news

  • I was pulling in the big bucks at the Co-op (apparently, at least according to my P60s) but I find I can do stuff with my wage being less — with less tax and bits being paid out, ker-ching! Well, I figure wealth is subjective.
  • I caught the sun whilst weeding the allotment — makes the nettle stings almost worth it — and my tan is set off best in subtle lighting. I need to get working on this tan business, though — upgrade to daylight grade, because…
  • I’m off to Australia in March! (maybe April, assuming approval from the holiday approval people at Portsmouth Water, of course.) A friend of mine’s moving out there for a while and it would be rude not to visit. Mmm, down under — there’s just something about an Australian, don’t you think?
Tomos James