Have a happy birthday!

How does it feel to be officially old?
You’re more ancient than dinosaurs or so I’ve been told —
I’ve heard you could be more than a billon years,
And yes you do look like you’ve lived all those years.
You’re haggard and twisted and gnarled and grey —
You’re wrinkles could be canals through which cargo conveys —
And I mean this politely, I don’t mean to be rude,
When you lean and look down do you feel your face droop?
You’re ageing disgraceful — it is amusing to see
You rue acting playful when you’re stuck on your knees —
And I’ve never met someone so set in their ways,
A notion you’ve made artful, disturbing, no same.
This year is your oldest — never this ancient before —
And look at these years you enjoy and endure;
But when will you grow up and act your great age?
You’re decrepit, remember — have a happy birthday!

To Kyela, y ddraig (the dragon) xx
Tomos James