This blog is One today – hip-hip-hooray!

happy_birthdayHappy first birthday, blog!

One whole year of blogging — we made it! — how’s it been for you?

For me, what I will say is that the thought of blogging makes the act seem much easier than it actually is — in head, a quick post; in reality, HTML coding, typing (of course, can’t forget typing), and waiting for the laptop to respond. The latter, I’ll admit, is a particularly personal and off-putting gripe and not necessarily anything that complicates blogging as a whole.

What I like about blogging is the guilt I feel for not posting — it’s a guilt I’m used to when being a writer not writing and it spurs me — and recently I’ve liked how it has forced me to calm the fuck down. When so easily I could’ve screamed and shouted this blog forced in me reason, and in turn I’m now less angry — really, I’m only a little bit bitter, and in bitterness I’m sarcastic and I like satire.

Now, because I really don’t know what I’m doing, I’ve often found myself researching and discovering that most posts about blogging suggest picking a topic and sticking with it — maybe 2, just don’t push it — and then it all works out fine. Basically, a blog has to have direction.

Hmm — well, okay, that might work out alright for others but it doesn’t seem to work for me. What I struggle with is simple — I’ve nothing to say. I have a hell of a lot to say but when it comes to saying it I have nothing, and should I find something I find things I don’t want to say, and on it goes until it’s a beautifully unfinished draft, murdered.

Last weekend I knocked up a spreadsheet — basic details like date, name, category, tag — and I was surprised to discover that you can actually see when dying old me turned for the worst.

For the first 29 posts, 25 were articles, I suppose — 12 funeral, 8 writing, 5 random — and also 4 poems, but then I’d a 38 day ‘vacation’ and went to bereavement counselling, and the next 41 changed to 18 random, 14 poems, 5 writing, 3 short stories, 1 funeral.

If I lost direction then it occurred for November 2nd, but if I’ve found direction then it occurred for the very same date — of those 18 random each follows a similar theme, this me I currently be.

Whatever — I could sit here and analyse this until it’s tomorrow, and I’ve got a party to have!

Happy first birthday, blog!

For your second year I need to finish what I started — those funeral posts way back when were going somewhere, into a funeral guide, and although now no longer working in a funeral home does complicate it a bit, luckily it is still fresh in mind and I was a sensible Tomos, my notes I put somewhere easy to find.

Once that’s done, well then I don’t know what I’m going to post — we’ll just wait and see, I figure. At the rate their spilling out, though, I’d probably expect poems — I’m honestly no poet and I don’t know where they’re coming from, but poems seem to be my current thing.

Thank you everyone who has viewed, visited, liked, and commented this past year — and thank you to you, reading this — you don’t know what it means to me to have people like you, and I can’t explain it — all I can say is thank you.

To another year!

Have a great afternoon folks


Tomos James