Portsmouth Water – 2nd week in, and…

SOLD! To the lovely people —

Not to so early spur the bosses into giving me a promotion and / or pay-rise — nudge-nudge (because of course this would be the way that works) — I mean it, what absolutely lovely people. From HR to Payroll, and down through the managerial rungs to the floor; I’ve met only a handful of them and of that handful they’ve all been welcoming and warm.

I’ve been told often since my induction of this ‘family’ to which Portsmouth Water aspire — no doubt the same ‘family’ as that wanted by most every other company around — and they’ve got it, they get it, they care.

I just find it surprising — it’s not that niceness is alien to me, the atmosphere is: It is happy. There is no death — well, there’s probate — and there are no guns drawn, no grief hidden to serve grief, no fragile mortality — there’s nothing like that.

It’s the complete opposite.

Now, I’ll confess — I did feel an unease during my first week that I might have been returning to work too soon after, you know, everything. I didn’t know if I’d be able to cope with the social requirements of working in an office with living people (I’m used to my company being dead) but my new colleagues make being around the living so easy that I’m sure to get a handle on it soon.

I wake up as usual last minute (I am no morning person), and I get ready and I don’t dread the train into work, and then I’m laughing so much that sometimes it hurts.

I find myself grateful for the distraction.

Now, getting down to business

First, I really do need to start tying together all of their names and faces — I’ve just done a tally and I can name & face 14 of I dun’o: Roxie, my training buddy; Tracy & Becca, the trainers; Laura, the team leader; Claire, the manager; and Georgie, Sarah, Frankie, Dan, Rosie, Jason, Stacey, Paula, Mike but it could be Mick.

There are so many more.

Next, the main computer system they use I’m slowly getting used to — it’s nothing like the one in the funeral home, but then if it was I’d be questioning why — and I can finally move people in & out, order a water meter, and put on a direct debit. They are even trusting us with mail! Not mail proper, like paper, but a PDF.

Tracy has shown us this other system that is basically DOS — yeah, I don’t know much about this — and she gave us what was basically a maths degree exam that I didn’t like, and which Roxie aced because she’s like an A-Level A maths whizkid who eats up sums for snacks. She enjoyed it — to be honest, I’m still a little traumatised.

Mostly, we forget and consult our notes — ask each other — and then sit there helpless in our void of knowledge, unsure of anything.

It’s annoying to have a vague recollection of something you’ve forgotten — that seems to plague my every day.

So, to close — if you were to ask me of what I do know my answer would have to be nothing.

Have a great weekend!

Tomos James