Deaths docile sea

Rot will our corpses —
It’s our one guarantee!
And our souls shall wade into
Deaths docile sea;
And we’ll leave them behind us —
These folks we adore —
And we’ll glance back and see them,
All stood on the shore.

We’ll stand in warm water
That’ll lap at our knees —
Behind us will stand our loved ones
Whom we’ll reluctantly leave —
And as we wash and get ready
We shall feel their regard,
We shall feel their great sadness,
See their happiness marred.

Their grief shall a’tumble
As tears so bereft,
And we’ll spy how they struggle
To fill the void that we’ve left;
And with our bodies encoffined —
Our appearance so gaunt —
We shall sense their deep longing
To cling onto our warmth.

In our presence they’re sorrowful,
And they’ll cry when alone;
The hours they’ll fill up
With a deepening woe;
And although we’re departed,
And although we are gone,
In their hearts we’ll e’er linger,
Our love will stay strong.

And as the depths do so call us —
As we answer the cry —
The waters about us
Shall rise up to our eyes.
But before we slip under,
Before we are gone,
We’ll snatch our last glance of
Our loved ones and homes.

For the shallows we’ll try for —
For the beach we’ll a’step —
But of course we’ll soon realise
That we’re trapped in the depths;
That we’re trapped here forever,
That we’ll never return,
And this will be forever
Our heaviest burden.

Gleaned will be gaiety —
Us dead’uns shall smile —
But our loved ones shall have to
Move on with their lives.
In time they’ll be buoyant
And no longer like a stones,
But their hearts will e’er long for
Our lives to return.

Their longing shall linger —
It’ll be a weight they must heft —
Until the day we do finally
Embrace in the depths.

Tomos James