Since counselling – Day 25

Today, not so good – this evening, better…

Two words, melt down…

I had a melt down today.

Mid-morning, KA BOOM!

I didn’t explode straight away, that was around 2pm, but when I exploded I exploded to the extent that there was a mad dash for a counsellor.

I was not entirely in control of my actions.

Right now, Earl Grey in hand – Murder, She Wrote on the telly (recorded) – and I kind’a wish that I hadn’t so overreacted.

Today, I overreacted.

Correction, didn’t overreact, but i did.

There is a small part of me that can neither forgive nor forget. By nature I forget so that bit should be easy, and to forgive – well, I’m letting go, so let go…

This little bit of me won’t. For most things it will but for this one thing it won’t. It wants to hold on to mere words that were uttered long ago.

These words bring back memories so raw, which bring along more memories that incite more emotions to burn, which bring along more and so on it goes until I can take no more.

I get so angry.


To be honest, I’m a little embarrassed.

Mere words – simple, simple words – KA BOOM!

Today I had a melt down.

I refer myself to Day 15 and add a simple –


* Originally this said Day 26, I meant 25

Tomos James