Hey! How’re you doing?

Well, things here have just been crazy…

Welcome to Vegas!Yesterday, after 3 weeks, 4 failed attempts, and 2 I just couldn’t be bothereds, I finally released my photos of Vegas on Facebook. It turned out only to be 161 of 793, or something.

Anyway, it is now official – the grind returns.

No more holiday – I’ll confess, in my mind I extended mine by three weeks, and now I can no longer justify my lounging.

I’ve got a list of things I should’ve done.

I’m totally behind on posts – the problem was, this blog-lark isn’t quite a habit yet and I wasn’t prepared for the hectic lead up to Vegas, the hectic week in Vegas, and then the hectic homecoming and return to work, all of which I could’ve better expected.

I did intend to pre-write a few posts – a system already trailed with much success, this was written last night so today is tonight to me – but I ran out of those a month ago, and I didn’t have any clothes to wear in Vegas so, rightly or wrongly, I made my image priority.

I am a man who can, when given enough time, weave together a workable excuse.

In absolute truth, I sat down and planned out what I was going to post right up until New Year and aside the odd post, I had a lot of nothing and it dawned on me that after the New Year lay an ever expanding void.

I scared myself off, basically.

I busied myself with Frienemy and ignored the guilt I felt.

So yes, my 3 weeks since Vegas have been pretty full-up with work, mainly, and acting as confidante and climbing frame, and return car push-backer, to my now 1 yr old best mate, Myles.

With regards to Frienemy, I’ve made great headway in this latest review – its 19th, I’m not bitter, frustrated – and as I suspected, from Chapter Seven, my issues are proving to be purely cosmetic and the odd hiccup in flow.

So yeah, I’ve not sat idly by – I filled my time ignoring the elephant in the room.

Tomos James