The people in your local Funeral Home

What they do…

Contrary to the image of a Lurch – tall and lanky and unnerving, moving slowly around like a ghoul – and especially contrary to the image currently being portrayed by Eastenders, the people who work in your local Funeral Home are regular citizens, guys and gals with their hearts in the right places.

Some Funeral Homes are family owned while others are corporate – either way, the people you’ll meet will fill one or more of the following roles…

The Funeral Co-ordinator

During office hours the Funeral Co-ordinator will be the person who answers the phone, who greets you at the door, and who sits down with you to arrange your loved ones funeral.

They will be your point of contact, the answerer of your questions, the person who will care for your loved one as if they were their own.

They will be ears – feel free to open up and talk.

The Funeral Assistant

When your loved one passes away the Funeral Assistant is the person who collects them and brings your loved one into the Funeral Homes care, whether it be from home, a care / nursing home, or a hospital.

This person will also dress and encoffin your loved one, getting them ready for chapel visits.

They usually work in pairs.

The Conductor

On the day of the funeral the Conductor is the man or woman who represents the Funeral Home, and they are the master of proceedings.

They page away the hearse and ensure the funeral arrangements are completed smoothly.

The Pall Bearer

On the funeral day the Pall Bearer, along with colleagues, will bear the coffin into the service. The Pall Bearers will remove the coffin from the hearse, lift to their shoulders, and enter with refined dignity.

Family and friends may bear the coffin – the Pall Bearers will be present so no-one should ever feel forced.

Depending on the size of the coffin, their numbers will range from 4 to 8.

The Funeral Director

The Funeral Director is the boss – the big cheese – the top dog – they are the person most associated with the image of Lurch.

Tomos James