One month in & he’s still alive!

My quest not to kill a spider plant…

Barnaby the spider plant
Barnaby the spider plant

Meet Barnaby – our Barney – and I’ve been his proud owner for a little over a month now – proud because I’ve kept him alive, I’m not good at these things, I’m pretty black thumbed.

Once a week – not like clock work, but I’m getting better – I top up Barnaby’s water and I tell him how handsome he is, and I urge him to grow big and strong. I have visions of him gracing a large pot somewhere catching in the hallway of my expressionist home (which I don’t yet own), and outliving me and being passed down the family as an heirloom.

I don’t even know if a spider plant can live that long (I’m only 31), but I have high hopes for this little one!

In the meantime, as I dream of his grandeur, he remains a baby Barnaby – a baby Barnaby in need of water and a more befitting pot…

I just hope I don’t kill him.

Tomos James