*** UPDATE – Frienemy, it’s very final spritz ever!

3 months in…


That is all.

No, actually that is not all – I don’t know who I’m more furious with, me or Frienemy! I suppose, since I wrote it, the finger gets pointed at me, and that annoys me even more!

It’s my warm-up.

I’ve got’a warm-up quick and I’m just not doing it.

Frienemy, a simple tale of revenge…

(Yeah, from Chapter Seven…)

Alright, it’s only the first 10-thou-words or so (give or take a gazillion) that make my forehead hit the wall, and not the whole Before the story gets going, thank the sky – if it was, I’d drop it. I’m not kidding. So much work. To build people up in a short space of time, only to break them and make their broken parts hold anchor, isn’t as easy as it sounds, I’ve found.

Truth? When I started I kind’a ignored the whole Before business and focussed on the After. The juicy After – I sure got my teeth stuck in there! Before, now Before was boring…

Before was difficult, After just flowed.

It’s Chapter Two – One and Three aren’t innocent, but Two is a wretched little pivot Chapter where nothing really happens, although all this nothing has to happen, or how else might my people get into their predicament?

From the UK to Corfu – yeah, they’re there, but are they? I don’t believe them.

Six people – six friends – go on holiday.

How difficult is that?

In my mind, not very – and that’s the reason why Frienemy’s very final spritz ever is going awful.

It is all Frienemy’s fault, not mine – I’m innocent.

But then, I don’t give my people motivation – they know what’s about to come…

Tomos James