The Chapel of Rest

Should you visit?

That is entirely up to you.

Some feel compelled, some refuse, some feel like they should but can’t – you can only do what feels right to you.

I personally feel that it is sometimes better to regret doing something than for not, but then that’s a dangerous game – I repeat, do only what feels right to you.

Into the Room

The Chapel of Rest is a room that charges great emotion within.

When stood in front of the Chapel’s closed door, you will know who is in there and you may not know what to expect.

Although every Chapel of Rest is set out differently, they’ll each be welcoming and peaceful.

The lighting will usually be dimmed, and light music maybe playing, and there will be seating and maybe some other subtle furnishings.

Your loved one will be lain before you, most usually in their coffin, with a pall pulled up to their folded hands on their waist.

They will look at rest and feel cold to the touch.

How your loved one may appear
Tomos James