Frienemy – the synopsis


Correction, the nightmare

Oh my goodness gracious me – my oh my – I’d thought writing the book was hard! I’d thought all those hours – those years – of writing, fighting, arguing, crying, laughing, loving, and rocking myself to sleep at night, were the measure of true persistence! I’d thought once the book was written that the hard bit was done – its writing was certainly a war! It was most certainly a battle greater than anything else I’ve fought – give me an exam in a language I don’t know and it would be easier than summing up 72,000 words…

A snappy sentence here – a snappy sentence there – all capturing the essence, the message, the feel of what I’ve written and how I’ve written it, accurately displaying my unique style – summing up the pivotal twists and turns, the characters, the…

I don’t even know what I’ve written – I’ve got this manuscript, all these pages and words, and I don’t even know what I’ve written.

Give me pliers and extracting my own teeth would cause less pain!

Give me hot oil to hold with no container and the burn would be less than a sting!

Give me – okay, I’ll concede that I may be overreacting…

Tomos James