Writer writing – if the keyboard’s a’clacking

Enter at your own risk!

No writer can be held responsible for what might happen to the unsuspecting should they disturb the often fickle flow of words – it’s like Russian roulette but without the gun and bullet, ‘though it can prove just as dangerous…

So you’ve knocked – maybe you’re a brave rogue and just walked straight in – but either way, the question is:

You feeling lucky?


If like me they work in disarray – I try not to but I’m battling myself and the other me fights dirty – then you have the hazard of scattered objects and strewn paper, books – who knows what else – making the floor a challenge to negotiate, supposing of course that you’ve successfully managed to open the door in the first place…


You may never leave – my genre is crime thriller so it is highly likely that you’ll get roped into playing the victim if you disturb me, destined to be ‘murdered’ a myriad ways and then get told off as thanks for it because you’ve not been reacting right, you’ve not been make-believing that this is real real but believing it’s fiction real, which of course it is, but really it isn’t. It is all very much real real in my space. Also, you might get injured – I’ve sent no-one to A & E but I have had to act the medic, which is ultimately a benefit for everyone because the First Aid At Work skills learnt are being kept fresh and fit for use, and you should take comfort from that whilst nursing the black eye, that gash, your thrown back…


Depending on what the back of the screen conceals from you will ultimately determine your reception – ask any of those close to me and they’ll tell you that my mood is an accurate gauge of the quality and success of my writing – the problem is, I don’t know anyone who can see through plastic and electronics, so if the eyes on the head that’s partially obscured by the screen are burning with fury, retreat. Retreat quickly – don’t dawdle – just get out of there!

Save yourself!

Tomos James