May you

May you grow from this to be righteous,
May you grow to be courageous, proud and strong.
May you amble through the darkness,
Live life with delight and song.
May you also love the life you lead,
May you jest and scream and play.
May you watch with eyes that do not cry,
But smile in the light of day.

May you wonder ‘if’ and wonder ‘how’,
May you sigh with a loving hue.
May your heart be light, a little bright,
When the air is thick around you.
May you remember this and delight in it:
Each one of us is flawed.
And when death is near, have no fear,
Just let your spirit soar.

May the rotting stench of death linger
In your nostrils and upon your clothes,
And may you wonder when your life will end,
And pine for your woe imposed.
May you ask yourself when life is hard
Of where and how you failed –
And may you look at me and remember me,
And see me all dead and pale.

And may you realise that your actions
Have consequences that you should mind.
And should you see me looking thankful,
Remember to look behind.
For your eyes they may deceive your heart,
You may think them to be untrue.
But let me ask you and let me know,
The reason I’m dead inside and not you…

Tomos James