Explaining death to children

The have a special job to do

FullSizeRender-3.jpgIt was not but last night that I had the pleasure of watching some programme on BBC 1 about the police – I’ll admit that I wasn’t really watching it, so please don’t ask me for details, I was arguing with words at the time, but my attention moved when I heard:

“Daddy’s died – Jesus chose him for a special job. He has to put the sun up in the morning and the stars up at night -“

I thought this such a beautiful image, and I still think it, because isn’t that the truth?

This year alone I’ve lost my Gran – my last Grandparent – and then I lost my cousin not 3 months later, the latter proved way more difficult to adjust to because he was only 32, taken away before his time, taken en route to a meeting. I love them both – I will, until the day I too die, love them with my whole heart – but the thought that together, my Gran and cousin – and all those additional that I’ve lost over the years – are heaving up the sun and stars fills me with peace.

I think, as a man who works in a funeral home and who has lost people who hold such precious corners of my heart, that the image portrayed above is glory defined.

How else might the sun and stars rise?

Tomos James